Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kova Coconut Laddu

kova coconut laddu sweet

This laddu taste is different  from normal laddus. Very tasty and  easy to preparing sweet item.Adding dry  fruits and elachi powder is optional.But fried dry fruits increases the taste of the recipe.Use only cream milk and fresh grated coconut.This laddu taste is resembles like basundhi and creamy ice cream taste..If you start to prepare this sweet you will diffinetly like to prepare this one frequently.


grated coconut 1 cup
jaggery  1 cup
elachi 2
dry fruit pieces few
Cream milk 1/2 liter
sugar 200 grs
ghee 2 spoons


Grate the coconut.
Mash the jaggery.
Make elachi  powder.
Cut the dry  fruits into small pieces.


1.Take a cooking vessel and put on the flame.
2.Add jaggery pieces and some water(1/4 cup) and boil till jaggery is completely dissolved in the water.
3.Then add  grated coconut and stir well and cook for 10 to 15 minutes.
4.Add elachi powder and stir well.Put off the flame.
5.Take a any other cooking vessel and add cream milk and boil.
6.Boil till milk become to thick(around 20 to 30 minutes)then add sugar and mix well.
7.Finally add dry fruit pieces and ghee and grated  and jaggery mixture and mix all well.Put off the flame.
8.Keep to  cool .
9.When the mixture  coming to the room temperature take a small portion and make laddu shape or your wishing shape.
10.Put cashew nut on top of the laddu.
11.This is very tasty laddu...Enjoy to eat in some special occasions or on festival days....All the best.

Keep in the  mind

We can fry the dry fruits before adding in the  mixture.
Fry the dry fruits in ghee, gives good taste.
Add fresh coconut, not frozen one.
Add cream milk only.Low fat milk does not gives the taste as well as milk does not become to thick.
This is high calorie food.